Aerial Surveys and photography
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Aerial photography / Filming with a difference.

We use UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) 
This unique UAV can produce high quality 360 degree images and high frame rate film recordings that can be used to promote in various ways for example - 

Why have a basic still shot of your property grounds that you are advertising for sale ? - When you could have a recorded aerial display of your property , displaying amazing views right from the estate agents website. You will have 360 degree views of your property and surrounding grounds. Keeping your property ahead of the competition !

Also how do carry out a roof surveys when the trusted roof ladder cant meet todays standards of Health and Safety - Scaffolding ? My UAV could save you the high cost and time scaffolding can cause for an hour survey with its HD quality still photos and filming at close range and high stability during flight. The HD quality will allow high zooming so faults can be detected. This services can be used by both a roofing contractor or private client to save money, time and the use of third party contractors.

Another use covers the general topics aerial photography is popular for , like images of historic places/buildings - scenic views - Hot air balloon flights , school playground projects , the list goes on.......

This unique way of aerial photography is only limited by your imagination !

All images can be viewed live from ground to 400ft in Altitude allowing you to choose your images from start to finish.

After much market research I can offer all these services and many many more at a price that cant be matched by the competition !

During this process to build this company I have been on a massive learning curve and gained many new talents allowing me to also offer in the future - website building - build a UAV service - build your own UAV service - parts and servicing of UAVs - photoshop editing - camera equipment.

Thanks for reading and your support 
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